Land Surveying

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This type of survey is used for determining the location of physical objects on the land including buildings, the slope or contours of the land, pathways, easements, water boundaries, vegetation, fences and formed tracks which could be used as a right of way or access road on a multi lot subdivision etc. Below are types of land survey can be provided by our team:

  • Geodetic ground control & survey networks
  • Processing and adjustment of survey data
  • Installation on Benchmark for control point
  • Traverse survey
  • Detail Topographic survey using Total Station and or using RTK GPS
  • Vertical Control Point Measurement/Leveling
  • Ground Penetrating Radar

Final topographical survey drawings can be supplied in a number of different formats depending on your requirements, such as hard copies on paper, or film medium, all at standard scales. Digital information can be provided in either 2D or 3D in file formats and most other system formats that you might require.

Our aim is to provide you with a final product that is exactly what you want and that you can work with.